Engage is a first-of-its-kind innovative, fun and trendy eSports and leisure games platform in Africa.

It offers eSports players the chance to compete and win valuable prizes in tournaments based on skill. 

There are no chance winners. 

Available on a paid or free subscription, users can select any package to opt-in and can upgrade anytime to unlock the many premium features available for them. 

They can access hundreds of premium and competitive games in a single and consolidated platform, earn and redeem those coins for tangible and digital gifts.

Engage tournaments operate on a sophisticated high-end engine that ensures fairness in matches and is designed to handle thousands of multiple registrations and match schedules. 

No matter where you end up in a match, you’ll always win something. Because we believe:

Everyone is a winner on Engage. 

a) How do I subscribe to Engage service?

To subscribe to Engage in the premium package, Send SUB2 to the short code “8561” to subscribe for N50 daily.

To subscribe in the free package, visit https://www.engageplaywin.com/register and create a profile

b) What are the free subscriber benefits?

  1. Get access to leisure games.
  2. Earn coins.
  3. Earn unique player prizes.
  4. Redeem coins for prizes.

c) What are the paid subscriber benefits?

  1. Access to tournaments with Prizes that include Cash, Data, Vouchers, Films, Stickers and many others.
  2. Get access to leisure games.
  3. Earn Coins.
  4. Redeem coins for special prizes.
  5. Access to play premium games.
  6. Earn unique player prizes.

d) How do I stop my paid subscription?

To stop your paid subscription on Engage service, send "DEAC SUB2" to “8561”. However, you will lose your rights to play any tournaments that offer Cash and other valuable prizes, and you will be automatically ejected from any current tournament you are registered to as a paid user. You can always reactivate your paid subscription at any time by sending "SUB2" to “8561”.

e) Do I lose my coins if I stop my paid subscription?

You will not lose your coins when stopping your paid subscription, however please keep in mind that the earned coins are valid for a three (3) months period.  

f) Can I upgrade from free to premium?

Yes, the option is always available to upgrade at any time. Simply send SUB2 to the short code “8561” to upgrade your package and subscribe for N50 daily. 

a) What games does Engage have?

Engage has hundreds of games for you to play. There are:

  1. Leisure games for free users.
  2. Premium Games for paid subscribers.
  3. All users can play Competitive games.

Note: only subscribed users can compete in tournaments that offer Cash and other valuable prizes.

The reward tracks are connected to most major games available for all users, including but not limited to:

  1. Player Unknown Battlegrounds (Pubg)
  2. Call of Duty Mobile
  3. FIFA22 Mobile
  4. Mobile legends Bang Bang
  5. Clash Royale
  6. League of Legends
  7. Asphalt
  8. Need for Speed
  9. Clash of Clans
  10. Free Fire

b) How do I register for a tournament?

Once you become a subscriber, you gain access to tournaments from the tournament selection page available on the home page or by selecting from the list provided within the profile section. You will be notified to the exact date and time to the tournament you have registered for.

c) When do I begin playing the tournament I registered for?

You will be sent a notification on Engage and a text message on your mobile number including the date and the details of the tournament.

d) How are results reported?

Every tournament game will have a Chief Moderator to oversee the results and other aspects related to ensure a fair tournament. The results will be posted on Engage. Refresh for the latest results.  

e) What happens if a player disconnects?

If the game allows for reconnection, then the tournament carries on if the reconnect occurs.

Otherwise, the player is disqualified. Engage is not responsible for any disconnection that occurs because of lack of Wi-Fi, data coverage or if a user decides to disconnect for whatever reason.

f) What are the tournament rules and code of conduct?

Tournament rules and code of conduct are published on the tournament page you join.

a) What are the prizes and rewards Engage offers?

There are a wide variety of prizes on offer (you can access them on the “Prizes” page). They include Cash and Data Packages. Many other prizes will be added in the coming weeks and months such as Shopping Vouchers, Calling Minutes, Vacations, Films, Electronic Devices & Much More! Take part and win fantastic prizes through skill and perseverance.

b) How do I claim my rewards?

Cash prizes will directly be transferred through given channels, Account rewards and coins will be transferred through user accounts and physical rewards will be through reaching out to the user either by e-mail or phone number.

a) What are Engage Coins?

Engage coins are the coins that you earn by being active. You earn coins as specified below.

b) How do I Earn coins?

Coins can be won through a variety of ways:

  1. By playing games.
  2. Taking part in the prestige system, through entering tournaments.
  3. By completing daily missions.
  4. By watching any video or by clicking on any video advertisement.
  5. By inviting friends to join the app.

c) How do I redeem coins?

Engage coins are used to redeem rewards from the engage platform by accessing the “Redeem” page.

d) Can I transfer my coins to another player?

Yes, you can transfer your coins to another user who is on your friends list.

a) How do I create an account?

  1. Login in (if you have already signed up). If not, please register by providing your MTN number and choose your preferred package.
  2. Complete your profile by filling your Username, Date of Birth and other requested information. You will earn coins upon completion of your profile.

b) Can I have more than one account?

Yes you can. Any MTN number can register but under only one account. Two numbers can register two accounts and so on.

c) Login problems.

Contact our Support Team on support@8zonegames.com describe the problem and we will help you sort it out.

d) How do I add friends to Engage?

There are several ways to invite friends to Engage and earn coins for every invite.

  1. Click on “Invite and Earn” on the homepage and select any of the following options:
  1. Select “Copy Link”, copy the link and send it to your contacts as a message on your preferred messaging service.
  2. Select any of the applications available to invite your friends directly on Social Media
  1. Click on "Share Engage" from your profile settings