Free Fire

Tournament Started / May 22, 2024 / 08:00 PM

Free Fire is a world-famous survival shooter game with a battle royale game where you can unlock a diverse roster of heroes and harness their unique skills to dominate the battlefield.

How to Join the Match
Note: You need to be at level 3 to join the room.

  • When you have REGISTERED, you will receive a confirmation text.
  • On the day of your match, you will receive a notification 15 minutes before the start of the game detailing your ROOM ID and PASSWORD. 

On the day of the Match:

  • Open FREE FIRE Mobile, Make sure you have the latest update.
  • Click on SYMBOL above the START bottom right corner.
  • Next, you click on CUSTOM in the bottom right corner.
  • Next, enter the Room ID.
  • Press ENTER and input the PASSWORD sent to your notifications.
  • You are now in the private Engage Room.
  • Wait for the MODERATOR to start the room. Good Luck!  
  • When a FINAL match is completed, only the WINNERS will be announced on the homepage.

Tournament Details

Game Free Fire
Platform mobile
Time 08:00 PM Lagos
Format Battle Royale

Tournament Prizes

1st Place

10,000 Coins
2nd Place

7,000 Coins
3rd Place

3,000 Coins

Tournament Rules


All players must be registered on and must be Premium Account holders registered on the tournament page.

Players in the match will be disqualified based on the following criteria:

1. If a player is not an MTN SIM subscriber.

2. If a player is not registered on the tournament page on

3. If a player is not a premium subscriber on

4. Any player found to have provided the room ID and password to a non-registered player will be automatically disqualified from earning their prize.

GENERAL RULES AND GUIDELINES & Reasons a player can be Banned:

  • Tournament players have to register on
  • All matches must be played as scheduled. Unless a delay in a match start is taken by the Tournament Admin, Players who are late for more than 5 minutes will be disqualified.  
  • Matches and score submissions will be done by the Chief Tournament Officer.
  • Ensure you input your current IN-GAME NAME (IGN) while registering for a tournament. A wrong IGN may lead to loss of points on the match or winners’ list.
  • All rules are open to an administrator’s interpretation and will have the final say on any rulings. Rules may be changed by the administrators at any time.
  • If a winner of any prize does not receive their prize within 7 days after the match final is completed, they need to contact Engage support found at the bottom of the Engage page. Click on “Support” and fill in the query or email to